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YEZZ’s feature phones are focused on practicality, usability, and simplicity.

They favor communication through calls, text messages, radio, bluetooth, to keep you connected wherever you go. 2G and 3G bands for greater coverage.


The C22 is a feature phone designed to keep you connected, without the complications of technology.

It comes with a 800mAh battery; memory expandable up to 64GB via external memory; 1.8 inch screen, VGA camera and works for 2G bands.

Capture good times with the included VGA camera. Enjoy and play your favorite music thanks to the MP3 player or listen to your favorite radio station from wherever you are. Share everything that matters to you with your friends via Bluetooth. All with the C22.

Built-in flashlight to light up in dark places.

Separate keys on the keyboard enhance usability and make dialing and texting easier.

The C22 is a compact and practical phone that the user can connect anywhere.

Modern meets durable. An ergonomically designed phone that fits perfectly in your hand; and made of a super resistant material, to withstand the day to day.

Housings with colors designed to help minimize the visibility of scratches, available in: black, blue, green and gray.



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